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Navigating the thousands of vacation choices can be daunting, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Our travel expertise is unmatched, and our negotiated group rates and exclusive benefits are unbeatable.

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Simple… as few as 10 individuals traveling together. They may be family, friends, business associates, all sharing a common interest… to relax, rejuvenate or just have fun!

[tabs slidertype=”top tabs”] [tabcontainer] [tabtext]Types of Groups[/tabtext] [tabtext]Why Travel as a Group?[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]
  • Alumni Groups
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette Party
  • Church Group Cruise
  • Client Appreciation Cruising as a Group
  • College Reunion Cruise
  • Corporate Meeting & Incentive Cruise
  • Family & Friends Group Cruise
  • Family Reunion Cruise
  • High School Reunion Cruise
  • Men’s / Women’s Group Cruise
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Senior Club Organization Cruise
  • Sports Team Cruise
  • Spring Break Cruise Parties & Group
  • Theme Group Cruise
  • Wedding Cruise Group
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  • Special Discounted Group Rates
  • Raise money for your charity
  • Special Group Amenities and Benefits
  • Team Building
  • Client/Employee Rewards
  • Centralized Location
  • All-Inclusive Options
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Group travel with family and friends will certainly offer long lasting memories and strengthen bonds that already exist. We’ve brought hundreds of families and groups together over the years, so don’t burden yourself with trying to work out all of the details. We’re here to do that for you!

We will coordinate everything from start to finish. Our expert consultants will handle everything from creating a group flyer to coordinating dining plans. Do you want a venue to get together to share family memories, or just to catch up with old friends? We will arrange it for you. Does your group want to charter a snorkeling boat on a Caribbean island? We can do that too!

Group travel is a great way to reunite family and friends. Whether it’s 8 staterooms, or you have enough people to charter an entire ship, we’ll work for you so you enjoy the maximum benefits of group travel.

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When planning your next sales meeting or incentive keep us in mind. Whether it is a 200 person meeting or a prize for your top salesperson, we can handle all of the details.

Meetings at sea are an exceptional value since most of your meals and meeting space is included at no additional charge. We can arrange everything from audio visual equipment to an awards dinner while you’re cruising.

Prefer to stay on land? We can help you arrange a meeting at a hotel in the heart of the city or at an all-inclusive resort where you’re surrounded by nothing but pristine beach and crystal clear water.

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Is your organization looking for a fun way to raise money? There is nothing better than a vacation that gives back. Call for details of how you can earn thousands of dollars for your cause.

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The friends made in college are friends forever, and reconnecting with your alumni is as rewarding (and fun!) as it gets. We’ll take care of all the details for you, so the reunion with your fraternity, sorority, club, or network will be as relaxed and memorable as you hope.

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Getting married? Destination weddings are a great choice and we can help you find a fabulous and exotic destination for your perfect wedding. While traditional weddings can be expensive, destination weddings are surprisingly affordable and go beyond by extending your dream day into a beautiful and enjoyable mini-vacation for both you and your guests. Let us arrange a unique, memorable destination wedding to ensure you enjoy your once in a lifetime celebration.[/tab] [/tabcontent] [/tabs]


If you’ve cruised, you probably already know why cruising is a preferred option for groups. It’s an ideal way to bring a diverse group of people together in the fun and relaxed atmosphere of a cruise ship.

Group cruising is also the best value for the money because the price of your cruise can include all meals, snacks, plus 24-hour room service, entertainment, activities, accommodations, health and fitness club. Not to mention that a cruise ship visits many different ports offering adventure every new day.

If you haven’t cruised, we will explain the incredible variety of options that are available to ensure that you choose the right ship, the right itinerary and the right time of year to travel.

Our travel consultants are experienced in servicing groups ranging in size from an intimate party of ten to thousands of people. Plus, enjoy the highest standards of quality and personal service; negotiated lowest possible group rates; and extra privileges and benefits, which may include FREE amenities such as category upgrades, cocktail parties, group photos, and champagne.

Let us do all the work, so you can relax and enjoy the experience!



Are You Aware That You Can Get A Free* Cruise Berth/Cabin?

You can earn a free* cruise by becoming a group leader!  Just read the information below to get find out how!

Who Is A Group Leader?

A group leader is the person who encourages a group of their friends, family or co-workers to take a cruise vacation together on the same ship.  The group leader can cruise for free* or at a greatly reduced rate.

How Does The Group Leader Cruise For Free*?

The cruise line will award a free* tour conductor berth (bed) for every so many staterooms your group books.  The typical group will need to book a minimum of eight staterooms to earn the free* bed.  There’s usually no restriction on the number of free* beds you can earn, so as long as you keep booking staterooms, your group can keep earning free* beds.

What Is A Tour Conductor?

The Tour Conductor is the person setting up and escorting the group.  To compensate you for bringing the group together, we will award you the free* Tour Conductor berth.  You will pay for the stateroom up front, and the cost of the berth is refunded to you after the sailing is finalized.  You may keep this yourself, or divide it equally among your group.  It is your decision.

Who Pays The Fees And Taxes?

You will pay the applicable fees and taxes for your stateroom.  Your Tour Conductor credit does not cover fees and taxes. Only the 1st two people in the stateroom count towards your free* berths.

How Many Free Berths Can The Group Earn?

  • 8 staterooms traveling = 1 free* berth (bed)
  • 16 staterooms traveling = 2 free* berths (1 free stateroom)
  • 24 staterooms traveling = 3 free* berths (beds)
  • 32 staterooms traveling = 4 free* berths (2 free staterooms)
  • 100 staterooms traveling = 12 free* berths (6 free staterooms)

What Kind Of Stateroom Will I Have?

You will book your stateroom in the category you desire.  The free* Tour Conductor berth is based on the most staterooms sold in any one category.  If you sell the most staterooms in a balcony category, your refund will be based on the cost of the stateroom in that category.

When Is The Best Time To Cruise With A Group?

Cruising is a great vacation any time of the year, but the best group rates are offered in May, June, September, October, early November, and early December.  And remember that booking early is the key to better rates and availability!

Where Do I Find People For My Group?

  • Business Groups/Associations
  • Church Groups
  • Family Reunions
  • Friends & Neighbors
  • Girlfriend Get-a-Way
  • Graduation Parties & Reunions
  • Social Clubs
  • Veteran/Military Communities
  • Wedding & Religious Outings
  • Work Conferences

What Are The Group Leader Responsibilities?

  1. You will choose a cruise for your group.
  2. You will select the dates for your group’s travel.
  3. You will contact Cruise With A Group to review and agree on prices for the cruise.
  4. You will distribute flyers (provided by Cruise With A Group) to your group and promote the cruise
  5. You will supply the names for the group and help collect deposits.
  6. You will escort your group on the cruise (but, hey, you were going anyway!)

What Services Will Cruise With A Group Provide For Me?

Cruise With A Group will take care of all of the details and  tasks that no one else wants to do!  We will take care of ALL the administrative duties:  setup a webpage, provide brochures, flyers, registration forms.  We will do all the invoicing and paperwork, and process all payments for you.  You do not need to handle any money – you just need to encourage the group to get their deposits in.  Sometimes people need a gently nudge to take care of that!

 We will negotiate special amenities for your group.  These can include cocktail parties, onboard credits, group photos, complimentary wine in staterooms and more.  We will answer all passenger questions and cover all postage.  We do it all for you.  You only bring us the group!

How Do You Track My Group?

We will assign you a special group number, which is identified on each invoice, and on the registration forms.  As each passenger is booked into your group, we will notify you of your progress.

How Do I Get Started?

Call Cruise With A Group (443) 420-SAIL.  We will help you choose a cruise line, an itinerary, a ship and a sailing date.  Or, if you prefer, a land package for your group, we can do that too!  Your only job is to decide what you want for your group.  We will do the rest!

What are the benefits for EVERYONE when booked as a group?

No one has to pay for their total cruise up front.  Payments can be made by the schedule set up by the cruise line.  You will have plenty of time to pay off the cruise before the departure date.  AND, you will get the additional amenities as mentioned above.

What could be more fun than cruising with your friends or family AND cruising for FREE*!

 Call us for creative ideas and strategies at (443) 420-SAIL.