Passport Information

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Passport Information

Q: Do I need a passport?

A: It depends! We do recommend that you have a Passport any time you are traveling to a foreign country. It is your best form of identification and may be needed in case of an emergency. We also recommend that you apply for your passport as soon as you start planning an international trip or cruise in case there is a delay in processing it.

  • If you are flying into a foreign country, you must have a passport.
  • If you are cruising, you may need a passport – requirements vary based on cruise ports. Some closed-loop cruises (starting and ending in the same US port without any stops to another US port), generally do not require a passport, but they are still highly recommended. Cruises beginning or ending in a foreign country or those visiting multiple US ports as well as foreign countries, require a passport.

Find more passport information as well as forms and requirements here.

Here’s a great tool for creating an appropriate passport photo – no need to get one professionally taken if you follow these steps.